About US

10 Years of Delivering Impactful Marketing Services

ITS Marketing Now was founded by Jeana Salomone in 2008 when she was recruited by a client to work as an independent marketing services specialist. Since then, ITS Marketing Now has grown to include dozens of clients looking to outsource their marketing and advertising, save money and generate revenue.


Who we are

We Are Experts In Business Marketing

As a B2B marketing company, we launch new services, develop marketing plans, build websites, strengthen social presences and so much more. And, no matter the project, we work in conjunction with our client's incredible sales teams to help grow their business and elevate their brand.


Your marketing plan's success hinges on a solid marketing strategy. ITS Marketing Now helps small to mid-sized B2B businesses assess, define and build marketing strategies to help you create meaningful customer interactions and drive revenue growth.


Branding solutions are as unique as each client, so we really dig in to get to know exactly who you are and who you want to be. Only after doing our homework can we collaboratively determine your brand story and identity.

Project Management

Sometimes you know just what you want. Sometimes you only have a vague idea. Maybe you're very hands on. Perhaps you just want to hand the project off. However you like to work, ITS Marketing Now is flexible and ready to work for you.